Hello and welcome to my new project, 'Petal to Paint'. When my florist Carmen suggested this idea I couldn't understand why it hadn't already been done. A special day celebrated with flowers and then captured in a painting is such a great way to preserve your memories.

I originally trained as a graphic designer and relish being able to have a project where I can combine my design skills alongside my love of painting. Flowers and still life seems to have evolved into the ideal subject for me as I get to indulge my passions of colour, shape and pattern. I enjoy working with a variety of materials such as oils, acrylic and watercolours and I can even collage in dried petals, stems and leaves into the mixed media work. To see more of my work please follow this link to my painting website.

So, if you would like to see your bouquet come to life on paper or canvas then please get in touch to discuss the options open to you. You can even choose to use the painted image on your wedding thank you notes and gifts...

Best Wishes
Janette x

Janette Phillips

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